Squicks, Squees, and Shrugs

TRENCHCOATx is pretty into striving for efficiency. We think anything a computer can do just as well as a human should get done by a computer, and Rev Mitcz can get computers to do a lot of things.

(While Mitcz is the person who made the trenchcoatx.com you see today, this 90s throwback subdomain is entirely my fault.)

The Squick Protection/Squee Enhancement system though, that currently requires a lot of human work. Until November of 2015 that human was me. I watched every single frame of video that went live on the site and applied every Squick/Squee tag.

Some things changed over the winter. We brought in a new person to handle most of the content management and customer support tasks, and we added Shrugs.

Now when a user (maybe you) visits an individual episode page, every tag applied to that video is displayed under the episode description. If you are logged out or have not set your Squick/Squee preferences, all tags display in grey. Until you express otherwise to the system, we assume neutrality: a shrug.

If you are logged in and have set your Squick/Squee preferences, your squicks will be highlighted in red, your squees in purple, and your shrugs in grey.

Like this:


But what about that new person handling content management? How were they going to know what the difference is between domination: soft and domination: medium? And why exactly do we apply lesbian to Girl/Girl Scene but use homosex on everything else involving two or more people of the same gender?

So I wrote a Squeepedia.

Writing the Squeepedia brought to light a few biases I had missed in my own thinking, and pointed out some redundancies in the tags. I am certain there are plenty of other flaws I am unable to see.

So we are sharing the Squeepedia. And opening up the process to public input.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting small batches of current tags and definitions here, with the reasoning behind them explained and changes tracked where applicable. I'm asking for feedback on where the holes are.

And if you have an opinion (on the subject of the semantics of sex, or the semantics themselves) I would like to hear it. Until I can get some kind of discussion forum set up here: squeepedia at gmail dot com works, as do twitter and TRENCHCOATx's contact form.

No dick pics, please.

xo, Stoya

From the PHYSICAL ACTS section:

Choking Hands on throats, and specifically restriction of breath by squeezing a human throat. In order to enable the Squick system to do an effective job of warning people about specifics of content, we have a very sensitive definition of this tag. If it looks like someone might feel like it could be choking, tag it as choking.

Hair pulling Pulling hair to cause a sensation of pain, or using it to guide the movement of the head and mouth of a person or their entire body. We do not consider a hand used to hold their hair out of their face during oral sex to be hair pulling. As soon as tension is applied to the scalp we do consider it hair pulling.

Smothering: with breasts When one person uses their breasts to cover the face of another, controlling their breathing and sometimes muffling sensory input.

Smothering: with ass When one person uses their buttocks to cover the face of another, controlling their breathing and sometimes muffling sensory input. Sometimes known as queening or face-sitting.

Domination: hard Heavily featured power imbalance. Restraint, slapping, choking, and other pain stimuli are probably included.

Domination: medium One or more performers are obviously in charge. Roles may shift or be exchanged. May include pain sensation or restraint.

Domination: soft A subtle power dynamic is evident or command statements are used to direct the sexual interaction.

Spanking Slapping buttocks within a power dynamic framing, as a focus (or fetishized) during the video, or if there are 4 or more slaps or smacks in a row using a hand/paddle/strap or similar. Changes tracked on the main blog.

Slapping: face, Slapping: genitals, Slapping: head, Slapping: breasts, Slapping: thighs, and Slapping: ass. When a person uses their hand to strike the face, genitals, head, breasts, thighs, or ass of another person.

Flogging Impact sensation delivered using an implement that consists of a handle and a number of straps, usually made from leather or suede.

Flogging: on genitals Impact sensation delivered using an implement that consists of a handle and a number of straps, usually made from leather or suede, specifically when applied to genitals.

From the IDENTITY section:

Genderqueer 1) Features a performer who identifies as genderqueer. Specifically, Jiz Lee who writes eloquently on the subject here: http://jizlee.com/what-is-genderqueer/ 2) A story that features specific engagement with and upending of traditional western gender expectations. 29 Feb 2016 collapsed gender fluid 11 squicks, 24 squees, gender-neutral 7 squicks, 17 squees, and queer 10 squicks, 20 squees into genderqueer.

Lesbian 1) Stories that focus on lesbian culture, or feature a lesbian character. We use lesbian for Girl/Girl Scene, directed by Tucky Williams, which mainly focuses on a group of young women and their emotional entanglements with each other. 2) Sex scenes which heavily feature the lesbian identity of one of the performers. We are trying to draw a distinction between individual physical acts (and in this case acts that performers are engaging in for work) and the sexual orientations or identities of the performers—or, if narrative-driven, the sexual orientations and identities of the characters.

Cisgender A person whose gender corresponds to the sex they were assigned at birth. In use since the 90s, this word was (finally) added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015. Julia Serano has a thorough explanation of the term and why it is useful here http://juliaserano.livejournal.com/14700.html

Cisman A man who was assigned male at birth and identifies as male.

Ciswoman A woman who was assigned female at birth and identifies as female.

Transman A man who was assigned female at birth and identies as male.

Transwoman A woman who was assigned male at birth and identifies as female.

The gimp A recurring character in Fluid by Dana Vespoli, fully covered head to toe in a skintight black suit, silent, and at her beck and call. Named for the common use name gimp suit for a bondage suit. We should probably look into how many people assume the Tarantino/BDSM definition of the word vs how many assume the derogatory term. Not too worried about being confused with the open source image editor.

Big questions for this section are 1: What do we do with The gimp? 2: Can we just use "eggplant" and "peach" for outie vs innie genitals? 3: Should we add "nonbinary," replace genderqueer with it, or not use it?

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